What is a problem loan


Image result for problematic loanThese are those funds received, in which there is an imbalance in payout
principal and interest. As a result of this, your loan is transformed into
problematic for the financial institution.
This is the reason to think carefully about your personal needs and opportunities,
before proceeding with the absorption of any means.


Problematic loans and what are the reasons for their occurrence


The problem with this kind of financing only occurs when the borrower does not
has the possibility to repay its contributions. The reasons for this situation
could be of a long or short-term nature, but most often the root of such
problems is the lack of an objective assessment of household income and expenditure.

It is extremely important to calculate your revenue-cost estimate and to assess what it is
may also be your contribution to the repayment schedule. Choose the amount of the amount you want
will allow you to return it without causing unnecessary headaches.

Which loans are bad

Bad ones are those that are not extinguished according to the signed contract. Well, said
otherwise “bad” are the non-performing cash allocated to corporate or
private customers.

Answers to frequently asked questions:
 In case you are delayed by paying the due amount for more than 60 days, then Cash
A credit has the right to transfer your obligations to a third party. you will
be notified in advance;
 If you are not able to pay in time, please contact us immediately on 0800
200 88 to look for a mutually beneficial option;
 Information about a pending installment or other information you can look for in our office,
and the above-mentioned phone number;
 If you are late in delaying your contributions, we have the right to charge
the statutory interest rate in the Republic of Bulgaria.

To avoid or reduce the risk of unable to service the amount received,
it is important to make the right informed choice. The client must comply with the financial plan
its state of the money it intends to make use of.

In case you are afraid of uncertainty in your income, then it is wise to postpone
borrowing funds to avoid creating more problems than you have decided.
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