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Bank – Flexible loan on your terms

Image result for flexible loanBank has finally been opened.

Now you can apply for an almost real-time credit, which you can raise as soon as you need it.

The Flex Credit provides all customers with a competitive credit facility with a credit limit of EUR 2100.

You can make withdrawals freely within your own credit line.

The cost of the loan only accrues on a raised loan, rather than on the credit limit granted to you.

So you can only raise an inexpensive loan as much as you really need, and never pay for it, but only what you have raised.

Flex Credit is one of Finland’s fastest loan services, so you can make withdrawals in almost real time!

When you pay back the credit you use, it is immediately available to you again.

Learn more about Fleks Credit and ask yourself for a free loan offer today!


Important information in brief:

  • The age limit is 20 years.
  • You can apply for a credit card with a credit limit of € 2100.
  • You will receive a payment period of 1 to 65 months.
  • Raise your loan to suit your needs.
  • Now get the first lift without lifting costs!
  • Costs only accrue from the amount you raise.
  • You decide on a payout schedule as long as you pay a monthly minimum deduction!
  • You don’t need any collateral or guarantors.
  • A truly versatile and flexible loan product.
  • If you do not raise the loan for your use, you will not pay any costs.
  • Also works well as an emergency for the evil day.
  • When you repay the loan you are using, it is immediately available to you again.
  • Clear, simple and transparent pricing.
  • The monthly rate is 8.5% and the uplift is 11%.
  • Ask for a free loan offer right away!
  • An example of a loan: a loan of EUR 2100, a payment period of 12 months, a monthly payment of EUR 317, you pay back a total of EUR 3804;


Who can borrow a FX loan?

All 20-year-old Finnish citizens with clean and impeccable credit information can apply for a loan.

In addition, the loan applicant must have a fixed address in Finland and a Finnish bank account.

For identification purposes, the borrower must have access to his / her own personal bank accounts.


How much loan can I apply for?

When you apply for a loan from Bank, you will receive a virtual credit with a credit limit of EUR 2100.

You can always withdraw money to your account just as much as you need.

The number of withdrawals is not limited, so you can make several small or larger withdrawals within your own available credit line.

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How long does it take to get a loan?

The maturity of the loan is affected by how much you want to shorten the loan per month.

If you withdraw your entire credit into your account as a one-off payment and pay it back with minimum withdrawals, then the payment time is 65 months at that time.

The loan can be paid off at any time.

You can also choose a minimum reduction or pay a little more, you decide!


Where do the costs accrue?

Unlike one-time consumer loans that need to be credited to your account at once, you only pay for the Flex Loan on what you use.

So you can apply for a $ 2100 credit line and raise it for just 50 euros.

You pay only for the amount you have used, so you never pay for it.


Because a loan can be withdrawn?

You can make withdrawals from your own account at any time.

All withdrawals will be credited to the customer’s account every day between 07:00 and 23:00.


The Flex Credit also acts as a reserve fund!

For many of us, there will be situations where a loan is needed immediately.

Often, these situations are so surprising that it suddenly relies on the quickest quickcut to find.

Unfortunately, the fastest quick clip is also often the most expensive quick clip.

By applying for a Flex Credit Credit, you will avoid that problem in the future.

So you can now apply for a FX credit account and only raise it if you need it!

Applying for Flex Credit is free of charge and has no fixed costs!

If you do not raise the loan for your use, you will not pay any costs.

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How do I apply for a FX Credit Account?

You can fill out a free loan offer on the Fleksilredit website.

You will receive an answer immediately upon submission.


Do I need collateral or guarantors?

You do not need.

The FX Credit Account Credit is a fully unsecured loan and does not require personal security or separately purchased collateral.


Example of a loan:

  • An example of a typical EUR 2,100.00 loan: a total loan of EUR 2,100.00, Payment Period of 12 months, Amount of payment installments of 12, Total repayable amount of EUR 3808.47, Credit cost totaling EUR 1708.47, Annual loan interest rate 235.1%.


Overall impression

Bank is a very clear and easy-to-understand loan service.

The site clearly explains the terms of the loan and the costs associated with the loan.

Getting a loan is really easy and effortless, and getting a loan decision is also very fast.

If you have any questions about a loan or how to use it, you can easily get in touch with the customer service.

We tested Chat and got our answer in less than 30 seconds, so customer service works really well.

With its features, loan terms and costs, Flex Credit is a very competitive option.

This is a good idea to get to know!